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Monday, August 21, 2006

schizo King?

I am reading a very odd series by stephen king called the Dark Tower. If you read it already, and wonder where i've been for the last 20 years, well I've had my head in the sand.
However, It is completely different than all his other work. It is as if he has had two different writting careers, or two different lives. The style the pacing and the voice sond from a different person than stephen king trademark horror, but I suppose that's part of the problem if you become a trademark writer. You have to keep writing the same thing over and over again, and if you want to write something different, you need a new agent and/or a new name to publish it under.
The whole thing reminds me of the Chris Ganies/Garth Brooks debacle. I still don't understand that. I saw the Chris Gaines behind the music, thinking perhaps this would help, it is a documentary about Chris Gaines, but it didn't. Garth Brooks wasn't mentioned once.
Are all successful people schizo or are all schizo people successful?
I know, that niether is the case, but it's creepy to think about it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Work Work Work

Thanks for reading my continual lack of posts, Writing-blind.

I realized why I haven't yet turned off my TV. I've been working 8 to 12 hour days at the library, getting it ready for RFID. Afterwards my hands are usually too tired to write and my eyes too tired to read. I need TV to wind me down at the end of the day. Some nonsense, I don't have to think about, a fun movie a TV show on DVD, something.

But I found a temporary solution. Read at work, write at work. I do get breaks and lunches which lately I've been filling up with Stephen King's Dark tower series, and a great book about werewolves (Benighted) being 99.6% of the population. I have been writing too, just not poetry, not lately anyway. I've been writing my novel, if I can call it that, and I am on chapter 3 or roughly page 60. I wish I had a laptop, so I can type it up at work, right now I have to be satisfied with filling up notebooks that are falling apart in front of me.
On the other hand, my fiction group is swallowing it down as fast as I can write it, and they are begging for more, so it is going well.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Critique group withdraw

I haven't been to Evergreen Poetry Group in a while. Work and other fiascos have been getting in the way. I know, that's a lousy excuse. But I'm really starting to miss it. So I'm asking for your help. I Really need help with this poem, so please any comments good moment bad moment cuts and additions will be appreciated. And if it inspires you please feel free to write off of it.